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About ICS

Experience in Business Counts

After 33 years running dozens of successful ventures, it’s fair to say we’ve truly “been there, done that.”

What's the secret to the work we do?

Most “unique” business problems are, in fact, variations on the same problem.

Ask yourself if any of these sound like you:

  • I’ve been in business for more than a decade. I love what I do and I know where I want to go, but something is holding me back. If I could identify what it was, I could get “unstuck”—but I can’t put my finger on it.
  • My people are having trouble making their quotas and driving the growth our company needs.
  • I do a lot of work to make sure I hire well, but my team still need a lot of direction, motivation, and encouragement when we’re trying to accomplish something. In fact, we often miss our goals.
  • I want to pass my business down to my children, but I have no idea how to even begin.

If you found yourself nodding your head, there’s good news.

Your Impartial Business Advisor

These problems and others have one thing in common—they could all be solved more easily with the help of an impartial adviser who sat “outside” the problem and could help you look inside it for the real source of the issue.

That adviser is ICS™.

We’re more than consultants. More than coaches or trainers. More than just improvement specialists.

We’re the people you can call—at 10 in the morning or 10 at night—when you’re facing your biggest business challenge and you don’t know where else to turn.

And if you’re a business owner, sales leader, or senior manager, help is at hand.

Get started by contacting us today to explore your challenges… And learn about how we can help.


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