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Building & Training Sales Professionals

Most sales training focuses on narrow bands of skills—prospecting or cold calling for example.

This approach simply isn’t effective, which is why we provide a refreshing, “full-spectrum” alternative.

ICS™ will work with you to successfully manage, train, and encourage your sales team to reach their goals and objectives, on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. We invest time learning the core issues that your team faces, then make a plan to unfold them and overcome them.

Sales Training tailored to your needs

We create customized sales training specific to your company and industry, and recommend a commitment of 24 months. This allows us to journey with you and your sales people, from the beginning of our training through to success.

Our sales training is high-energy and full of fun, but make no mistake, this is serious business.

While your sales team is undergoing their training, we’ll be tracking their sales and measuring against quota. Regular touch points will keep your team on track—and allow us to shift gears quickly if your team still isn’t achieving.

In other words, at ICS™ we don’t only just train your sales team. We’re there checking and monitoring growth, and ensuring that the training actually works.

Training Costs

Customized training programs with Integrity Corporate Solutions cost $375 to $475 per day, per person.

Next steps

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“I’m relatively new in sales. The task at hand for a new salesman is a tough one. Having the confidence and knowledge needed to interact competently with business professionals is vital to the job, and it was something I definitely lacked.

"Through training and mentorship with John’s program, I learned A LOT… and fast. His direct, confident approach to sales and problem solving enabled me to excel quickly out of the gate, meeting challenges head on. That quick turnaround time was, no doubt, a massive cost saver for my employer and a definite stress saver for me.

"I can safely say that without Integrity Corporate Solutions’ input, guidance and continued training, I would not be where I am right now… I may not have even remained in sales! I highly recommend anyone looking for encouragement and tools to succeed… whatever your business… to reach out to I.C.S. today. I’m confident you’ll agree that it’s worth it.”
Aaron Cromwell, Sales Manager, UCB Canada



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